Information Gathering Report

Information Gathering Report




2)   Whois Lookup:


Search ip of this site


4)   Censys

Simply search censys on the search engine and click on censys search and write your domain on the search box. This will show you all info.  Of site including technologies, ports, services, etc.


5)   Netcraft


Visit the site and write your domain name.  This tool provides you with some IDs of certification that belong to your Domain.

7)   Wappalzer

Use Wappalyzer with Tor, proxy, and VPN. Once you visit The targeted site, Wappalyzer automatically checks the site Technologies .now click on the Wappalyzer icon shown on the top right side of the browser, and this will show all the details.

S.No. Details Details
1. CMS WordPress 6.2.2
2. Widgets Slender Revolution 6.5.25

fullCalender 5.3.2

3. Photo Galleries Slider Revolution
4. Databases MySql
5. Analytics Google Ads conversion

Google Analytics

6. Blogs WordPress 6.2.2
7. Javascript Frameworks GSAP 3.6.1
8. SEO Yoast SEO 18.8
9. Javascript libraries Jquery 3.6.4

Jquery Migrate 3.4.0

Jquery UI 1.13.1

Core.js  3.22.8

10. Font scripts Font Awesome

Google font api

11. Miscellaneous Http/2

Opengraph RSS

12. Javascript graphics Anime.js
13. Programming Languages PHP


14. Caching WP Rocket
15. Advertising Google Ads
16. Page Builder Elementor 3.6.5
17. Live Chat
18. Video Players youtube
19. WordPress Plugins Yoast SEO 18.8

WP Rocket

Elementor 3.6.5

20. Popup Maker Elements kit
21. Web Servers Apache http server

8)   DnsDumpster


Here, we check if a site has dnssec. Just view this site select the Tools option and write your Domain name for the site and click on the Go button.

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