Security Awareness Service in India

Security Awareness Service in India

The world is smoothly moving toward a time where intelligent machines and internet-based equipment will take over our lives and make us their slaves by providing us with the utmost pleasures of innovation and machinery advancement.  In addition, most of our databases are being hacked with reference to crucial information at the hands of a black hat hacking professional.  Moreover, in regard to being prepared for sudden cyber attacks, Bytecode Security is enhancing the knowledge quotient of your organization’s employees with the right kind of security awareness service in India in 2024.


What is a security awareness service?

As the name suggests, Security Awareness Service refers to a procedure in which a basic exposure is provided to the employees of an organization concerning main security flaws and varied methodologies of cyber attacks that can be employed by a professional black hat hacker.  Moreover, these ultimate programs are destined to assist users and employees concerned with the role they play in supporting efforts to tackle information security breaches.

Hence, to understand the consequences that can happen at any time during a sudden cyber attack by a malicious threat actor, one can take advantage of Bytecode Security’s primetime security awareness service in India through highly professional pen testing professionals.

Why do your employees need security awareness services?

Any employee in any organization hailing from any particular niche can be a weak link that can offer some crucial and highly confidential information to the malicious intent person.  Hence, it is highly recommended for every organization to take advantage of the security awareness service in India offered by Bytecode Security’s highly trained professional experts.

Moreover, in order to provide the employees with the necessary tactics and skills, an owner of a business needs to have Security Awareness sessions on one premise.

Use Phishing Tests To Increase Security Awareness

It’s always easy and convenient to check the knowledge quotient related to the basic IQ concerns by setting up a phishing email test campaign by Security Awareness Service in India by Bytecode Security genuinely conducive platform.  Moreover, in a mere few minutes of time devotion, you will be able to deploy a phishing template to your employees, BDAs, or non-office staff.

In addition, you will come up with the following pattern of work model while operating on a phishing template by Bytecode Security’s highly trained professionals:

  • Employ real-time de-weaponized attacks, or you can say, our actual life single or multi-page templates that will undoubtedly cover almost everything, such as from phone-based promotions and package tracking to fake news and password resets due to any unauthorized logins.
  • Swiftly customize your phishing text and landing pages to reflect anticipated attempts against your employees.
  • Notifying which employees will obtain your phishing email tests, moreover, which particular templates they would receive, and when you wish to initiate them?

Why choose Security Awareness Service from Bytecode Security?

There are multiple benefits that can be utilized by users of our Security Awareness Service in India by Bytecode Security’s highly trained professionals having many years of authentic experience.  In addition, we offer many Critical Security Awareness Service Topics, such as the following:

  • Phishing Awareness
  • Password Security
  • Privacy Issues
  • Insider Threats
  • CEO/Wire Fraud
  • Data in Motion
  • Office Hygiene

Moreover, Bytecode Security provides a genuine range of services by which you can be sure to confirm all the loopholes in the knowledge quotient of your employees and find an overall refreshed staff with more suitable knowledge related to your product and services and better awareness regarding security flaws and cyber attacks.  In addition, we deliver some crucial steps in guiding your staff with the following set of knowledge procedures that will highly entertain your manpower’s knowledge criteria to the optimum level, which is difficult to penetrate for a malicious threat actor via tactics like Social Engineering, Phishing, etc.

Subsequently, we have given some points for your reference to jot down that will help you understand the pathway we take to deliver our crucial KT (Knowledge Transfer) sessions to your employees:

  • Lecture
  • Case studies
  • Group discussions
  • Reflection
  • Assessment – Multiple Choice Questions
  • Develop a Security Awareness Plan in the finale

Frequently Asked Questions

About Security Awareness Service in India

As per a database of US Organizations, Security Awareness Training is pretty low in cost, ranging from $10-$60 per employee per year.  However, you may compare the cost of ransomware payment of around $1,70,000 or the cost of downtime per hour; you will certainly feel that training your employees with the right kind of Security Awareness Training is far more beneficial and cheaper than not doing it, and paying the same money via other modes.

The 3 major steps to implementing security awareness training are as follows:

  • Step1: Establish a behavioral baseline.
  • Step 2: Implement security initiatives.
  • Step 3: Secure behavior by design.

The highlighted 6 steps of the security awareness program that you can undoubtedly grab from many decorated professionals of Craw Security are as follows:

  • Step 1: Establish a security policy.
  • Step 2: Implement a Security Awareness Training.
  • Step 3: Add Security Awareness Training in Employee Onboarding.
  • Step 4: Continuous Security Testing of Employees.
  • Step 5: Take Action for Successful or Failed Phishing Simulation.
  • Step 6: Incorporate Fun Education into Security Awareness Training

According to a report of US Organizations, the primary Security Awareness Service cost is pretty low, around $10-$60 per employee per year, if you compare it with other prominent factors like the cost of downtime per hour or the cost of ransomware after a certain data breach which can be something around $1,70,000 or even greater than that.

The highlighted 6 best practices of Security Awareness Training or Services are mentioned below:

  1. The Involvement of every level of job hierarchy as Security awareness should be made mandatory for everyone, right from the executives, managers, or senior managers, to low-level employees.
  2. Make Training a Continuous Procedure.
  3. Training covers basics.
  4. Testing after training.
  5. Communication.
  6. Insert gamification.

It should be made mandatory for almost every employee within an organization to compulsory be a part of the Security Awareness Training program, which is delivered by some of the prominently decorated professionals of some prestigious VAPT Service Providers in India, like Craw Security.

In addition, it should be fixed as every employee, whether one belongs to the Manager, Sr. Managers, executives, or low-level employees, have to take part in these knowledge classes derived from highly knowledgeable professionals in the domain.

The most important Security Awareness Training is the one that possesses all the necessary knowledge that is required for the organizational employees duly customized as per their due requirement after understanding the knowledge level of their employees with social engineering, phishing, or other knowledge extracting techniques.

By conducting Security Awareness Sessions on a frequent basis within your organization, one can sincerely raise awareness of cyber security, especially by calling a superbly good Security Awareness Service Provider in India, like Craw Security, the Best VAPT Service Provider in India.