Cloud Security Testing Services in Delhi

What is the Cloud, and why do We need Cloud Security and Penetration Testing? Cloud services are rapidly increasing in popularity in the field of IT, Cloud, therefore, throws a whole range of unique security concerns into the IT field.
Most service providers expect that the customer is amenable to implementing security on the services they are providing, Meanwhile, customers may believe that security is an included or integral part of the cloud solutions they are purchasing, however, this is a complete myth.

Cloud Security And Penetration Testing Services

Secure against viruses, malware, and spyware Dramatically reduce or stop spam Monitor IT assets for failures or impending problems Secure company data and prevent unauthorized internal or external access.

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Cyber Solutions Can Help With Your Business

  • Network-wide security and monitoring.
  • Server and networking equipment monitoring.
  • Spam and email security.
  • Onsite and virtual firewall solutions.
  • Cloud VPN solutions.
  • 24/7 back-to-base monitoring of IT assets.
  • Managed secure WiFi (private and public).
  • Website certificates and security badges


The vulnerabilities faced by the data stored on the Cloud or applications hosted there are self-explanatory, justifying the increasing importance of penetration testing of Cloud-based applications, services, and infrastructure. With an increasing number of enterprises migrating to the Cloud, the chances of breaches, threats, and vulnerabilities increase day by day. Enterprises face unique challenges in protecting their resources over the various models of the Cloud.
The value of this type of testing is that it keeps the security team on its toes and allows it to understand issues as they arise. Compared with the cost of recent settlements, pen testing is cheap insurance that one’s security is the best it can be and that any vulnerabilities will be identified and corrected ASAP