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Bytecode Cyber Security provide the Best VAPT services for startups in Canada, UK, the USA, Dubai

These tests are designed to locate vulnerabilities in the system and providing resolutions to fix them

Bytecode Cyber Security provides the Best VAPT services. The company’s valuable viewpoints, suggestions, and ideas are the benchmark for the industry.

  • Parallel polling.
  • Redundancy and hot standby.
  • Large addressing ranges.
  • Integration of I.T to automation and monitoring networks.
  • Reduce downtime.
  • Limit the frequency of accidents.

ICS are control networks created to support industrial procedures. The subgroup of of ICS is SCADA 

  • Attackers
  • Criminal Groups
  • Malicious Insiders
  • Terrorists
  • Spyware/malware authors

  • Policy and Procedure Shortcoming- occurs due to imperfect security procedures
  • Platform Shortcoming- Happens due to misconfiguration or poor management of hardware, ICS applications
  • Network Shortcoming- Happens due to flaws, lack of proper management of ICS networks

  • Water Systems.
  • Wastewater Systems.
  • Electric Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Systems.
  • Oil and Gas Systems.
  • Manufacturing Plant Systems.
  • Food Production Systems.
  • Mass Transit Systems

  • Electric power system, operation, and control
  • Manufacturing Industries or plants
  • Telecom and IT-based systems:
  • Water and sewage treatment plants and supply management:
  • Traffic controls:
  • Lift and Elevator controls:
  • Buildings, facilities, and environments
  • Mass transit and Railway Traction

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