Top 10 Cyber Security Institute in India

Cyber Security Institute is one of the most suitable options for students or IT professionals who want to learn cybersecurity techniques & skills under the guidance of professionals working in the Industry. This article is based on the topic “Top 10 Cyber Security Institutes in India.”

While going through this article you will find how much IT & Cyber Security merged. Moreover, in the end, your doubts about joining the training and certification programs will be clear. What are we waiting for? Let’s get straight into the topic!

What Is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is the process of identifying and preventing cyberattacks from happening with the help of the latest cybersecurity tools and measures. Cyberattacks are performed by adversaries/ cyber criminals who are professionals at trespassing the security layers of the security infrastructure of a company.

By trespassing they can enter into the networks, systems, servers, and databases that will lead to data breaches. To protect yourself from such attacks, one can use cybersecurity techniques & tools to make robust security measures. If you want to learn more about cybersecurity skills, you can read this article. Let’s continue!

Top 10 Cyber Security Institutes in India

  1. Bytecode Security

One of the most reputed names in the domain of cybersecurity is Bytecode Security which offers cybersecurity training & certification programs for IT professionals as well as for beginners who have no clue about what cybersecurity is. If you are one of them, then this is the right place for you to start your cybersecurity journey.

  1. Craw Security

Are you trying to start your career in cybersecurity? You can get in contact with Craw Security which operates in both India and Singapore for offline and online training in cybersecurity for IT Aspirants. They deliver the latest content related to cybersecurity techniques and skills with the tools used for protection & prevention from cyberattacks.

  1. Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy is a well-known online education platform that focuses on teaching data science and analytics. It was founded in 2010 and provides thorough instruction, industry-relevant certification programs, and industry-relevant training to professionals and students who want to specialize in data-driven industries.

Jigsaw Academy, which emphasizes practical, hands-on learning, is well-known for its dedication to producing qualified data professionals.

  1. Edureka

Founded in 2011, Edureka is a well-known online education portal that provides a large selection of certifications and courses centered around technology. Edureka is a global provider of industry-relevant training for professionals and students, with a focus on hands-on learning in fields including cybersecurity, cloud computing, data science, and programming.

With its interactive learning approach and live instructor-led classes, Edureka has grown in popularity as a platform for anyone looking to advance their skills in the quickly changing IT industry.

  1. Institute of Information Security

One of the best institutions in India for cybersecurity instruction and training is the Institute of Information Security (IIS). IIS was founded in response to the increasing need for qualified experts in the industry and offers thorough training, workshops, and certifications in subjects including penetration testing, ethical hacking, and cybersecurity management.

Emphasizing industry relevance and practical skills, IIS has been acknowledged for its contribution to the advancement of cybersecurity knowledge.

  1. Techstack Academy

An organization called Techstack Academy is situated in India and offers courses and training in digital marketing. Techstack Academy is well-known for its extensive curriculum and hands-on approach. It provides courses on social media marketing, SEO, web analytics, and other facets of digital marketing.

The academy wants to give professionals and students the tools they need to succeed in the fast-paced world of digital marketing. For the most recent information, please visit Techstack Academy’s official website or other relevant sources.

  1. Simplilearn

Founded in 2010, Simplilearn is a global online learning platform that specializes in offering certification and training programs that are relevant to the business. Focusing on skill development for professionals and individuals looking to advance their careers, Simplilearn offers a wide choice of courses in subjects like project management, IT, digital marketing, and data science.

Simplilearn is a well-known provider of online education, known for its comprehensive and user-friendly e-learning methodology.

  1. Aptron

Offering a range of IT and software development courses, Aptron is an Indian training center. Aptron is well-known for offering programs with an industry focus and hands-on practical training for anyone looking to gain skills in programming, web development, data science, and other related fields.

Prospective students commonly select Aptron for its emphasis on the real-world application of knowledge in the IT field. For the most recent information, please visit Aptron’s official website or other relevant sources.

  1. Praxis Business School

One of India’s top schools for business education, Praxis Business School offers postgraduate courses in data science and management. Praxis was founded in 2007 and is renowned for its robust corporate contacts, experiential learning, and curriculum that is relevant to the industry.

With a focus on educating students for dynamic business challenges, Praxis Business School is recognized for generating well-rounded experts in business and analytics.

  1. MSS Cyber Security Training Institute

Located in Indore, India, MSS Cyber Security Training Institute is a cutting-edge IT security and digital forensics research organization. It was founded in 2013. Additionally, MSS provides a range of courses, such as:

  • Cybersecurity,
  • Digital forensics,
  • Penetration-Testing with Kali Linux, and
  • Python program.

Additionally, MSS offers training and solutions for IT security. To begin with cyber security, it is advised to have:

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, or related fields
  • Prior knowledge of operating systems like Linux
  • Network security concepts
  • Programming
  • JavaScript
  • SQL

Cyber Security Certification Course in India

  • Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE): RHCE is a widely sought-after certification in the IT industry that is globally recognized and validates expertise in Linux system administration.
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA): The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification, which covers a wide range of networking topics and certifies the ability to install, operate, and troubleshoot networks, is crucial for networking professionals.
  • CompTIA A+: CompTIA A+ is a core certification for IT workers that is useful for entry-level positions since it covers fundamental IT abilities such as networking, hardware, software, and security.
  • CompTIA Security+: Security+ is a globally recognized certification that focuses on cybersecurity skills and verifies knowledge in network security, compliance, and operational security.
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA): The purpose of RHCSA, another important Red Hat certification, is to verify the abilities needed for system administration responsibilities in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment.

Different Types of Cyber Security Courses

Some of the popular cyber security courses offered by Bytecode Security in the IT Sector are as follows:

  • In-depth Basic Networking Course in Delhi

The complete understanding of networking principles provided by Bytecode Security’s In-depth Basic Networking Course is crucial for cybersecurity professionals. With a focus on TCP/IP protocols, subnetting, and network troubleshooting, the course equips students with real-world knowledge and abilities that are essential for network security.

For those looking to enter the cybersecurity industry, it provides a strong foundation with practical labs and knowledgeable teachers.

  • Linux Essential Training Course in Delhi

The Linux Essential Training Course from Bytecode Security gives students the fundamental knowledge and abilities to navigate and administer Linux systems, which is important for jobs involving cybersecurity.

With hands-on labs and expert guidance, participants gain proficiency in command-line operations, user management, and security configurations, enhancing their capability to secure Linux-based environments.

This thorough course is suitable for beginners and cybersecurity aficionados who want a strong foundation in Linux.

  • Python Programming Course in Delhi

The Python Programming Course offered by Bytecode Security equips students with the practical knowledge and abilities required for a wide range of cybersecurity positions. With a focus on ethical hacking methods, practical applications, and essential principles, this course improves students’ ability to use Python for cybersecurity jobs.

Through the use of real-world scenarios and knowledgeable teachers, participants acquire invaluable skills for navigating the ever-changing field of cybersecurity.

  • Best Ethical Hacking Course in Delhi

The Best Ethical Hacking Course from Bytecode Security provides thorough instruction in ethical hacking, covering sophisticated methods and resources used by cybersecurity experts. Participants receive practical experience in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and system security through hands-on laboratories.

The course, taught by professionals in the field, guarantees a thorough comprehension of ethical hacking concepts and equips students for lucrative employment in cybersecurity.

  • Advanced Penetration Testing Course in Delhi

The Advanced Penetration Testing Course from Bytecode Security offers a comprehensive understanding of penetration testing techniques and tools along with advanced ethical hacking skills.

Through realistic situations and hands-on laboratories, participants improve their capacity to safeguard networks and systems by gaining practical expertise in discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities.

This course prepares students for high-level cybersecurity responsibilities under the direction of knowledgeable professors.

  • Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Delhi

The Cyber Forensics Investigation Course from Bytecode Security gives people specific knowledge in digital forensics so they can look into cyber occurrences and collect evidence.

Participants receive hands-on training in forensic procedures through practical labs and case studies, guaranteeing expertise in cybercrime investigations.

This course, taught by knowledgeable professors, gets students ready for cybersecurity jobs that emphasize incident response and forensic investigation.

  • Web Application Security Course in Delhi

The Web Application Security Course from Bytecode Security offers thorough instruction on web application security, including attack vectors, vulnerabilities, and mitigation techniques.

Participants get practical skills in recognizing and resolving security risks in web applications through interactive labs and exercises.

The capacity to safeguard and defend against cyberattacks that target web-based systems is improved by this course, which is taught by knowledgeable instructors.

  • Mobile Application Security Course in Delhi

The Mobile Application Security Course from Bytecode Security provides in-depth instruction on how to secure mobile applications. It covers penetration testing methods, secure coding practices, and vulnerabilities.

Through practical laboratories and real-world scenarios, learners acquire the skills necessary to recognize and address security vulnerabilities in mobile applications. This course, taught by professionals in the field, gets students ready for jobs where their main responsibility is to make sure mobile apps are secure.

  • Internet of Things Pentesting Course in Delhi

The Internet of Things (IoT) Pentesting Course from Bytecode Security offers in-depth instruction on how to secure IoT devices by going over risk mitigation techniques, penetration testing approaches, and vulnerabilities.

Participants get practical skills for evaluating and securing IoT networks through interactive labs and real-world scenarios. This course, taught by professionals in the field, equips students for jobs that include making sure that linked IoT devices are secure.

  • End Point Security Course in Delhi

The End Point Security Course from Bytecode Security offers expert instruction in endpoint security and covers cutting-edge methods for shielding gadgets from online attacks. Participants acquire practical skills in endpoint security, such as threat detection, response, and mitigation, through interactive laboratories and real-world scenarios.

This course, taught by professionals in the field, gets students ready for jobs protecting network endpoints from various cybersecurity threats.

  • AWS Associate Course in Delhi

The AWS Associate Course from Bytecode Security covers all the essential ideas, services, and best practices for using Amazon Web Services. Participants improve their competency with cloud computing by gaining practical skills in AWS application deployment and management through hands-on labs and real-world scenarios.

This course, taught by professionals in the field, provides a solid foundation for professions linked to cloud computing by getting students ready for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect and SysOps Administrator Associate tests.

  • AWS Security Course in Delhi

The AWS Security Course from Bytecode Security covers compliance frameworks, security controls, and best practices for safeguarding Amazon Web Services environments. Participants obtain practical skills in establishing and maintaining strong security measures for AWS deployments through hands-on laboratories and real-world scenarios.

This course, taught by professionals in the field, equips students for jobs that include guaranteeing the security of applications and infrastructures hosted on AWS.

Cyber Security Jobs and Salary

S.No. Job Profile Salary Package
1. Cyber Security Analyst ₹4-6 lakhs/ annum
2. Ethical Hacker/ Penetration Tester ₹6-10 lakhs/ annum
3. Security Consultant ₹8-12 lakhs/ annum
4. Incident Responder ₹6-10 lakhs/ annum
5. Security Architect ₹10 lakhs/ annum
6. Security Software Developer ₹6-10 lakhs/ annum
7. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
8. Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst ₹4-6 lakhs/ annum
9. Security Trainer/ Educator ₹6-8 lakhs/ annum
10. Security Researcher ₹8-12 lakhs/ annum

Frequently Asked Questions

About Top 10 Cyber Security Institutes in India

1. Does cyber security pay well?

Because there is a great need for qualified workers, salaries in the field of cyber security are frequently above average. Cyber security salaries might vary depending on experience, specialization, and function, however many roles pay competitively.

2. Can I learn cyber security in 3 months?

The time duration of the cyber security training and certification depends on the provider. However, if you get in contact with Bytecode Security, you’ll be able to complete the cyber security in 720 hours after joining the “1 Year Diploma in Cyber Security Course” which is specially designed for IT Aspirants who want to learn more about cyber security. What are you waiting for? Contact, Now!

3. Is cybersecurity a good career?

Indeed, with growing cyber risks, cybersecurity is a very promising and in-demand job path. Professionals can contribute to the security of digital systems and data with great potential in this profitable and fulfilling industry.

4. Which college is best for cyber security in India?

Some of the best-reputed colleges are as follows:

  • Bytecode Security
  • Craw Security
  • Jigsaw Academy
  • Edureka
  • Institute of Information Security

5. Which campus is best for cyber security?

Some of the best-reputed colleges are as follows:

  • Bytecode Security,
  • Craw Security,
  • Techstack Academy,
  • Simplilearn, and

7. Which certification is best for cyber security in India?

Some of the Popular Cyber Security Certification Courses in India are as follows:

  • Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE),
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA),
  • CompTIA A+,
  • CompTIA Security+, and
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA).

8. Is cyber security hard?

Well, that’s a good question. With support from professionals, one can learn cybersecurity techniques and skills with better growth. Bytecode Security offers the best learning environment for students who want to start their career in cyber security. What are you waiting for? Contact, Now!

9. Is cyber security high-paying in India?

In India, cyber security is regarded as very lucrative due to the growing need for proficient experts to tackle the constantly changing landscape of cyber threats. In this area, salaries are competitive, with experienced workers frequently receiving higher than average remuneration.

10. What is the salary of a B.Tech. in cyber security?

Cybersecurity B.Tech graduates in India may earn a range of salaries depending on their expertise, the company hiring them, and the nature of the position.

However, entry-level cyber security salaries for B.Tech graduates normally fall between ₹4-6 lakhs annually, with the possibility of earning more as one’s experience and degree of skill increase.

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