Online End Point Security Training Course Summer Internship in Delhi 2024

Summer Internship in Endpoint protection: It tracks and hunts the next level viruses and malware in your endpoint devices from a centralized system. seamless protection that doesn’t come in your typical anti-viruses and uses machine learning and fuzzy logic to detect that bypasses your traditional protection mechanism. do the real things in your real-time protection that new viruses.

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End-Point-Security Summer Internship Course Module

MODULE 01 : Implementing Internet Security Anti Virus
MODULE 02 : Two-Factor Authentication Implementation
MODULE 03 : Mobile Device Management For Industry
MODULE 04 : Data Loss Prevention Overview & Implementation
MODULE 05 : Security Information and Event Management
MODULE 06 : APT- Attack
MODULE 07 : MITRE Framework
MODULE 10 : Next-Generation Firewall
MODULE 11 : Unified Threat Management
MODULE 12 : Physical Security
MODULE 13 : ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Guidelines


Who this End Point Security Summer Internship Training course is for :

  • Security test engineers prefer this course.
  • Any IT security analysts, IT professional who wants to learn End Point Security.
  • Information system security architects.
  • Cybersecurity analysts who want to understand End Point Security.
  • Product security analysts can do this course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) With EDR, the difference between antivirus and endpoint security becomes apparent. Antivirus can only block against threats, while endpoint security can find threats dwelling on devices

An endpoint is any device that is physically an end point on a network. Laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, servers, and virtual environments can all be considered endpoints.

Endpoint security software protects these points of entry from the risky activity and/or malicious attack. When companies can ensure endpoint compliance with data security standards, they can maintain greater control over the growing number and type of access points to the network.

In a traditional sense, an endpoint can be a modem, hub, bridge, or switch. It also could be data terminal equipment (such as a digital telephone handset, router, or printer) or a host computer (such as a workstation or a server).

An endpoint is the 'connection point' of a service, tool, or application accessed over a network. In the world of software, any software application that is running and "listening" for connections uses an endpoint as the "front door."

end point: the point during a titration when an indicator shows that the amount of reactant necessary for a complete reaction has been added to a solution.

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