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Cybercrime Increased In Lockdown, Accounts Being Emptied Without Asking OTP

By taking advantage of the lockdown in Delhi, cyber criminals have become active and are making a dent in people’s bank accounts in a new way. Cyber ​​criminals are now emptying money from the account without asking for OTP. Know how fraud cases are happening and what are the measures to avoid it …

New Delhi: Corona epidemic has forced people to be imprisoned inside homes. Due to which the purchase and most of the work is being done online. Cyber ​​thugs are using this opportunity very well and are engaged in looting people. As cyber criminals, bank representatives are making a dent in bank accounts by taking information in the name of KYC from people.


Fraud incidents increased in lockdown

Cyber ​​expert Mohit Yadav said that cyber crime is increasing rapidly since the rise of Corona infection. Forgeries make people their prey in new ways. In the recent days, fraud cases are increasing in the name of online KYC.Fraudsters get their information from the customer in the name of online KYC by calling and use it to blow up the money in their bank account. The special thing is that this time fraudsters do not ask people for OTP, due to which they do not get the impression of cheating. To get OTP, fraudsters are using the app this time.

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The consequences of being given to such a swindle

The fraudster called Lajpat Nagar resident and told that his ATM card is going to be blocked due to not having KYC. KYC is happening online now due to corona infection. For this you do not have to tell OTP, just download an app sent by them.Mohit agreed to this and downloaded this app from the link. As soon as its download, 86 thousand rupees were withdrawn from his account in 3 times. After this, he complained to the cyber cell about the whole case. In the complaint given to the police, he told that he did not give any OTP to the fraudster but still got the money out of his account.

Know how to make fraudsters a victim

Cyber ​​expert Mohit Yadav said that the link sent to you by the fraudster KYC is a remote access control app. After downloading this app, the fraudster can see the screen of your mobile and laptop with him. In such a situation, he does not ask you OTP because the OTP that is coming on your mobile, he can see it on his mobile. In such a situation, they use this OTP very easily and they make a dent in people’s account. The victim does not know how the money was withdrawn from her bank account without OTP.

Know the advice of cyber expert

1. The bank never does KYC online, so do not fall into the clutches of thugs.
2. Do not share information about your bank with anyone over the phone.
3. Do not click on the link sent by any unknown person, this may cause your mobile to be hacked.
4. Do not panic if someone shows a fear of your bank account or card being closed on the phone.
5. Do not share OTP on your mobile.
6. Keep an alert message from the bank on the mobile so that you get the information about the withdrawal of money immediately.
7. Complain of cheating in the nearest police station and cyber cell immediately.
8. After getting the money, get your account or card freeze from the bank.


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