AWS Security Course

About This Course

The Security Engineering on AWS training course helps you build extensive knowledge to keep yourself secure in AWS Cloud using AWS security services. The training encompasses the recommended security practices by AWS along with security practices, security features of AWS key services including compute, storage, networking, and database services. Learnings with respect to AWS services and tools for automation, continuous monitoring with logging, and responding to security incidents.

AWS Security Course Module

Module 01 : Given an AWS Abuse Notice, Evaluate a Suspected Compromised Instance or Exposed Access Key
Module 02 : Evaluate the Configuration of Automated Alerting and Execute Possible Remediation of Security-Related Incidents and Emerging Issues
Module 03 : Verify that the Incident Response plan includes relevant AWS services
Module 04 : Design and implement security monitoring and alerting
Module 05 : Troubleshoot security monitoring and alerting
Module 06: Design and Implement a Logging Solution
Module 07: Troubleshoot Logging Solutions
Module 08: Design Edge Security on AWS
Module 09: Design and implement a secure network infrastructure
Module 10: Design and Implement a Scalable Authorization and Authentication System to Access AWS Resources
Module 11: Troubleshoot a secure network infrastructure
Module 12: Design and implement host-based security
Module 13: Troubleshoot an Authorization and Authentication System to Access AWS Resources
Module 14: Design and implement a data encryption solution for data at rest and data in transit
Module 15: Troubleshoot key management
Module 16: Design and implement key management and use

Who this AWS Security Training course is for :

  • Security engineerss Interested in Deploying Applications on AWS Security.
  • Any IT professional who wants to learning AWS Security.
  • Employees can pursue this security course.
  • Beginners who want to understand AWS Security course.
  • Security architects.


  • Applicant should be AWS Cloud Practitioner.
  • A dedication towrads learning about AWS Security.
  • Must have basic knowledge of Architecting on AWS.
  • No prior AWS experience required.
  • Should have AWS Security Fundamentals clear.


What is NEW in AWS Security Training Course?

  • AWS shared security responsibility model.
  • Encryption techniques.
  • Applying security checks to conduct an automated and reproducible infrastructure.
  • Troubleshoot key management.
  • Design and implement host-based security.