Best IT Certifications for Beginners

Information technology powers the world today. It is difficult to name a single area of life, personal or professional, where people do not make use of computers or other networked devices.

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What Is An IT certification – And Should I Get One?

An IT certification is a credential that confirms a candidate’s IT skills in a given area. Certification has become crucial to getting a job in the lucrative and rewarding field of IT.

The help desk is the first rung of the IT ladder, and this certification gets you ready to answer those calls. The credential gives you working knowledge of networks and sets you up to troubleshoot common problems on the fly.

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Google IT Support Professional Certificate


In order to earn an IT certification, you have to take and pass one or more exams. This exam verifies your mastery of a particular skill set. Certification exams can be challenging

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How To Get An IT Certification


Cisco remains a dominant force in the market for producing networking hardware such as switches and routers. Their CCNA certification confirms an IT professional’s general networking capabilities when it comes to Cisco products.

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