Server-side Security 


Server-Side Security Tips to Keep Your Website Safe

1. Harden Your wp-config.php File to Protect Database Information

2. Disable XML-RPC to Prevent DoS Attack

3. Hide Your WordPress Version to Keep Vulnerabilities Unexposed

What is server-side and client-side testing?


Client-side testing and experimentation are restricted to a single channel. 

Server-side testing and experimentation can be run on multiple channels at the same time.

What Testing is done at the client-side?

Client-side testing refers to any type of testing – commonly A/B testing, but also multivariate testing or multi-armed-bandit testing – that occurs in the user's browser


Three recommendations for choosing client-side vs. server-side testing

You should consider having a good mix.

Caveat your analysis in client-side tests.

You should consider doing more same-session experimentation/optimization w/ client-side tests.


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