What is the red team concept?

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3 primary attack sources 

Physical access 

Social Engineering 



Internet-facing assets (IP addresses, websites, applications, etc.) 

Internal applicaInternal application details tion details 

Physical site details Also, we require a strong reconnaissance. 


User details 





How Does Red Teaming Work?

There are varied methodologies that are used by the dedicated Red Team Assessment members to track down every possible loophole or vulnerability in an IT environment such as the following:

Step 1: Preparation

Step 2: Threat Intelligence & Attack Planning

Step 3: Attack Execution

Step 4: Result Analysis & Reporting

Step 5: Lessons-Learned Workshop

How Does Red Teaming Work?

Tips for Safe Red Teaming : 

1. Staff the Right People in Your Red and Blue Teams

2. Document the Terms in an Agreement Ahead of Time

3. Examine the company’s response capability

Tips for Safe Red Teaming : 

4. Notify Relevant Stakeholders About the Exercise Ahead of Time

5. Secure Your Digital Assets and Systems

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