What are the system hacking steps?

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Step 1: Information Gathering

The goal of the first step in this network pentesting checklist is to gather as much information about your target network as possible.

Step 2: Threat modelling

After collecting all the information you can about your target network, it’s time to use this information for something dicey.

Step 3: Vulnerability Analysis

With all the information about the system vulnerabilities… I know you are excited to fire Metasploit and take the damn network down! But wait a minute… Not all vulnerabilities are worth trying to exploit.

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Exploitation means carrying out the vulnerabilities’ actual exploit in a bid to ascertain whether the vulnerability is actually exploitable. This is very important because it’ll help in step 5 of this penetration testing checklist when proving your client with the vulnerabilities that they need to fix immediately.

Step 4: Exploitation

A good network pentest report should give an overview of the entire penetration testing process. This should be followed by the most critical network vulnerabilities that need to be addressed with utmost urgency possible.

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Step 5: Reporting


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