Top 10 Machine Learning Applications and Examples  in 2022

Social Media Features

Social media platforms use machine learning algorithms and approaches to create some attractive and excellent features. For instance, Facebook notices and records your activities, chats, likes, and comments, and the time you spend on specific kinds of posts.

Product recommendation is one of the most popular and known applications of machine learning. Product recommendation is one of the stark features of almost every e-commerce website today, which is an advanced application of machine learning techniques.

Product Recommendations

Image Recognition

Image recognition, which is an approach for cataloging and detecting a feature or an object in the digital image, is one of the most significant and notable machine learning and AI techniques.

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Sentiment analysis is one of the most necessary applications of machine learning. Sentiment analysis is a real-time machine learning application that determines the emotion or opinion of the speaker or the writer.

Sentiment Analysis

Automating Employee Access Control

Organizations are actively implementing machine learning algorithms to determine the level of access employees would need in various areas, depending on their job profiles. This is one of the coolest applications of machine learning.

Marine Wildlife Preservation

Machine learning algorithms are used to develop behavior models for endangered cetaceans and other marine species, helping scientists regulate and monitor their populations.

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Regulating Healthcare Efficiency and Medical Services

Significant healthcare sectors are actively looking at using machine learning algorithms to manage better. They predict the waiting times of patients in the emergency waiting rooms across various departments of hospitals.

Predict Potential Heart Failure

An algorithm designed to scan a doctor’s free-form e-notes and identify patterns in a patient’s cardiovascular history is making waves in medicine.

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Banking Domain

Banks are now using the latest advanced technology machine learning has to offer to help prevent fraud and protect accounts from hackers. The algorithms determine what factors to consider to create a filter to keep harm at bay.

One of the most common machine learning applications is language translation. Machine learning plays a significant role in the translation of one language to another.

Language Translation

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