How much do hacking courses cost?

How much do hacking courses cost?

Ethical Hacking and CEH Certification

The ethical hacker is a term used to describe a White Hat hacker. They use penetration testing methods to examine a firm's information technology security condition.

Educational Requirements for The Exam

As mentioned earlier, there is no set or regulated educational requirement for becoming an ethical hacker. In general, firms normally carry out their inquiries for this position.

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The Cost of CEH Certification in 2022

Compared to other IT certifications, you must apply to take the CEH. EC-Council would be eager to see if you have taken official CEH training or have at least two years of security experience throughout the application process.

Exam Application

Unlike most IT certifications, the CEH requires an application. EC-Council will want to establish that you have either taken authorized CEH training or have the expertise during the application procedure.

CEH with Self-Paced Training

Is Certified Ethical Hacker worth it?

Businesses are hiring certified ethical hackers to protect their data from hackers since the number of cyber-attacks has grown significantly in the last few years.

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