7 Best Network Penetration Testing Tools in 2022

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Acunetix can be used in many different ways. It is available in three editions, and that increases its flexibility. This is a vulnerability scanner, but it can also be used for on-demand scans during penetration testing.

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Invicti is a SaaS platform that can be used for system testing during Web app development and vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. It is possible to opt for the package as on-premises software that will run on Windows and Windows Server.

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CrowdStrike Penetration Testing Services provides a team of tame hackers to probe the security of your network. Network probing is called internal penetration testing. For this, you have to provide the hacker team with an entry point.

CrowdStrike Penetration Testing Services


Zenmap is a front end for NMap. While hackers love to use Nmap, a command-line utility, The displays and graphical representations on Zenmap are easier to work with for testing and analysis. Nmap is also called Network Mapper.

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Burp Suite is a tool that offs both research and attack utilities to pen testers. PortSwigger produces this package of hacker tools. The system includes both a graphical user interface and a command-line utility.

Burp Suite

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Ettercap intercepts network traffic; it doesn’t block that traffic. It also facilitates masquerading and packet injection, so it can be used to hijack all of the routings on communications for all of the endpoints on a network or just one.

Metasploit offers both automated scans and individual manual attack tools. The service is available in free and paid versions, with much more automation in the paid version. The free version is called Metasploit Framework, and this was the original open-source service.


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